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  • IT Benchmarking in European Banks: Aiming for a Leaner, More Business-Oriented IT Function

  • Heinz Möllenkamp, Gero Freudenstein, Annette Wolter
  • 06. Dezember 2010
  • European banks are optimistic about keeping IT lean and committed to making it a strategic partner for the business. But a recent BCG survey raised questions about whether banks have the right alignment between their IT priorities and aspirations. Many are concentrating on important “soft skills” such as talent management, but they may be underestimating the role that technical capabilities will play in managing costs, keeping the portfolio focused, and pursuing innovative solutions. Read Article
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  • The London Insurance Market’s Historic Role Faces a Tipping Point
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  • Insurance Startups Plunge In, Roiling the Small-Business Market
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